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Blue Channel is shaking up the unaccompanied maritime freight market. And for good reason, the project is making news far beyond the borders of Calais. Read here the different articles published in the press about our innovative initiative.

Blue Channel Line: a new shipping company on the cross-channel

Dedicated to unaccompanied freight, a market that is developing with the Brexit and the health crisis, this new company is chartering a vessel that will be low-carbon and smoke-free. Four companies will set up a new…

A new company on the cross-channel

It could carry 100 trailers. Three investors from Calais, who remain anonymous, have chartered this boat, which is currently being transformed to be low-carbon and depolluted. With the Brexit, which has seen customs formalities…

Blue Channel Line, a fourth company that delighted the president of the port of Calais

With the new company Blue Channel Line which will connect Calais and Tilbury, unaccompanied freight transport is taking off in the port of Calais, which delights its president…

Blue Channel Line, invites itself on the cross-channel

Created by a Calais-based holding company, the shipping line will provide an unaccompanied freight service between Calais and the London port of Tilbury…

In Calais, a new company is born on the cross-channel.

A new company, Blue channel line, has just been created to provide an unaccompanied freight link between Calais and Tilbury, the main London port…

Blue Channel Line enters the Pas de Calais Strait in October

Blue Channel Line is opening a new line from the port of Calais to England on the 1st October. An original concept for the service and in the ship used…

Terrao : the solution to clean the fumes of the Calais ferries

The company Terraotherm proposes an innovative system to purify the air while saving money. A technology that would allow the washing of the fumes from ships in the port of Calais, and which has already convinced the new company Blue Channel Line.

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