Blue Channel Line, a new cross-channel shipping line for unaccompanied freight from Calais to Tilbury !

Blue Channel Line, a responsible project for the multimodal

Who are we? Presentation of VIA CALAIS Group

Blue Channel Line is the new company of VIA CALAIS group with challenging and innovative objectives. This group from Calais, is now involved in such activities as transport and logistics; built up its influence beyond its vernacular borders and this, since its creation in 2012.

By offering cross-channel & grouped solutions, VIA CALAIS acts in customs clearance, transport, logistics, port handling, secured trucks parking of trucks and also offers washing stations for inside tank trucks.

Blue Channel Line Strategy

After observing numerous negative consequences on the environment, the professionals and the maritime freight sector, that VIA CALAIS GROUP decided to launch a project entitled BCL ECO SHIP. Supported by the society BLUE CHANNEL LINE, the project aims to develop a depolluted and low-carbon ship for the transport of unaccompanied goods, connecting a new & strategic maritime line between Calais & Tilbury, the outer harbour of London.

The project is thus differentiated by its ecological, digital, global, economical and secure actions for the benefit of people and goods. Full of ambition and values, it is in line with the continuity of unaccompanied rail transport from all over the European Union and operated by two major operators: VIIA SNCF and CARGO BEAMER

Blue Channel Line’s objective is to develop a depolluted sea freight vessel equipped with two high value-added ecological devices. They are composed on the one hand of the ZEPHYR & BOREE technological wings reducing up to 40% of CO2 emissions and on the other hand of a device designed by TERRAOTHERM washing 100% of the fumes and neutralizing all atmospheric pollution.

A project of maritime freight with ecological values

Phase 1 (Period of 18 months): TERRAOTHERM technology installation. Cleaning and treatment of fumes and complete neutralization of atmospheric pollution (fine particles, soot) without impacting the marine ecosystem.

Phase 2 (planned installation end 2022) : Use of wind technology developed by ZEPHYR et BOREE. Creation of an automatic wing system to reduce the fossil fuel consumption of ships by 20% to 50%.

Thanks to the integration of these two technologies, Blue Channel Line is an intrinsically ecological project. Fuel consumption is efficiently controlled by the use of the ZEPHYR et BOREE wings, and fumes are totally neutralized by the preventive and curative actions of the TERRAOTHERM innovation.

A beneficial impact on the environment

Some positive ecological impacts are significant on road transport and in particular on Calais-Dover route by encouraging an unaccompanied & secure maritime freight transport. Indeed, the 130 km long land route between Dover and the London area is particularly busy and therefore highly polluting.

With the shortage of drivers and the saturation of the roads growing, Blue Channel Line’s actions aim to favour a dynamism respectful of this network and its environment. Thus, through multimodal unaccompanied maritime freight transport, our ecosystem will be saved from 90% of the CO2 emissions produced by road transport on this route. Here, 200 trucks per day would be taken off the roads, thus benefiting the environment by removing 22 tonnes of CO2 emissions per day.

All inclusive service

Our goal is to provide an all-inclusive service in order to manage the following activities:





dedouanement blue channel

Customs Clearance



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